Bubble Shooter Games

A Selection of the Best Bubble Shooter Games for your Enjoyment

Play bubble shooter games and you can never get bored. Here is a selection of the best bubble shooter games, which are free and do not require any subscription before you can play them:

*   Bubble Cannon 2 – play bubble game with a twist, which had more then 25,000 plays until now, and keeps getting positive reviews from gamers all over. You have simple gaming instructions, use your mouse, aim and shoot those bubbles!

*    Bubble Hit – an exclusive bubble shooter game that will enchant your senses. Use smart strategy to shoot all the bubbles that are approaching, and feel the action right from your desktop screen. With almost 20,000 hits until now, this game is a big time favorite for both young and old. If your kid plays this game, you will know he/she is in a safe environment, and there is nothing else but some cheerful bubbles waiting to be aimed at and shot!

*    Blobble Wars – is part of the very entertaining bubble games online, it has been relatively recently added, and already collected a lot of fans among online gamers. You will find exquisite animations accompanying this game and also very nice musical soundtrack. You can even read a short bubble shooter review from gamers, just to make an idea what the game is like.

*   Bubble Blaster – free bubble shooter game which will have you group the same colored bubbles, and try to shoot them. The more such groups you can make, and the faster you can do it, the quicker you will be a winner! Collect the points and enjoy.

*   Bubble Elements – this is a very interesting little online bubble shooter game, where you will meet the four basic elements – water, fire, earth and air. This game is also known as the quest for the four elements, and it really opens up new dimensions regarding the shooter style games.

*   Lucky Balls – you may click here in order to enter the cheerful world of bubble shooting, and of great action at the same time. Here you will need to make groups of three bubbles, shoot them, and at the end you also need to exterminate that mischievous snake. 

As you can see, there is quite a comprehensive list containing free bubble games for your enjoyment. Just play bubble at any time, invite your friends, your kids, your grandchildren and everyone else and have a wonderful bubble time!

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